Nets signed a 10-day contract with Mitch Creek who was in its training camp. He is expected to play in the 1st game against Knicks. His performance and skills attracted the team management that made a decision to sign a contract with him.

Mitch Creek is signed for a 10-day contract by Nets

Mitch Creek had an excellent performance in his 25 games for Long Island Nets. His is the 4th call-up in the history of this team, and the 1st one for it this season. Before joining Long Island, he signed with Brooklyn after playing for Mavericks. He spent the whole preseason playing for Brooklyn. Do you want to predict his future records? Go to

Nets signed him for a 10-day contract. Mitch Creek will play for the 1st game against Knicks. The tea has a roster opening after getting Kenneth Faried. 10 days will finish right before the trade deadline in the NBA. According to rules, the team can drop him at any moment during this period to free up a roster position when needed. Besides, Nets can extend the agreement for another ten days.

Mitch Creek is 26 years old and he is a good player known for his scores and physics. He played 8 seasons internationally. He played 200 games for Adelaide, and he was called to the All-NBL 2nd team when Creek managed to guide his teammates to the playoff final. Mitch also won his gold medal in the 2017 international competition when representing his native country in Lebanon.

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